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Mini Portable Ultrasound Fat Burning Cellulite Wrinkle Removal Skin Tightening Device

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1.The three major functions: LED light irradiation, RF and ultrasound can be used independently or in  

combination can be freely  

2. The applicable parts: arms, abdomen, front thigh, inner thigh, inner arm, back, waist, hips, legs and so on.  

3.NA:neck, face, clavicle, elbow, wrist, thigh joints, knees, ankles, head, feet, spine, etc.  


Ultrasonic slimming: Ultrasonic liposuction is a way to lose weight advanced. The device can emit a certain  

frequency in the skin and some of the ultrasonic energy, so that the liquid inside and outside the cells produce  

many voids. When these micro voids occur "within explosion" after turning around to say a few ultrasonic  

energy, leading to cell rupture.  


Whitening IPL: IPL whitening treatment that is intense pulsed light treatment process is simple, there is no  

damage to the skin, direct exposure to the skin surface, can penetrate to the skin deep, selectively act on the  

skin pigment or blood vessels, break down stains, closed Abnormal redness, blemishes on the skin lifting, while  

the photon can stimulate the skin collagen, so that the original collagen reorganization to achieve whitening,  

completely improve skin condition, not only did not affect the work, even the makeup does not affect.  


RF RF weight loss: RF discharge fat is the latest international cosmetic surgery Society of Plastic  

recommendation, the world's most advanced liposuction slimming shaping technology, can achieve real  

permanent weight loss does not rebound, as well as slimming shaping effect curve remodeling.  



Name: RF radio burst slimming instrument  

Input voltage: 100-240V  

Output voltage: DC12V 400mA  

Power: 30W  

Charging time: 6 hours  

The role of time: 2 hours  

Host: 308G net weight  

Folding carton size: 200*155*105mm  


Package Included:  


1 x Massager

1 x USB  Cable

1 x Manual


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