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3D Mesh Car Window Screen Sunshade

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Team Sport - 3D Photocatalyst Mesh Car Window Screen Sunshade

100% brand new and high quality.
Convenient to use and take down with two suckers.
Can reflect 90% direct sunlight and resist 100% ultraviolet.
Reduce the inside temperature of the car for saving gasoline with less air conditioning.
Prevent the car interior, like car seat, instrument desk, etc. from aging by sun exposure.
Used to resist the sunlight, snow, fallen leaves, frost and so on.
Suitable for front window and rear window of all cars.
A wonderful gift to yourself and your friends.

Color: Black mesh cloth. As shown in picture.
Size: (Rear Visor)50 * 100cm
(Side Visor of Front Window)36 * 44cm
(Side Visor of Rear Window)36 * 44cm
Weight: 182g
Material: 3D photocatalyst mesh cloth

1.Place the suction cup on boiled water for a while to restore the prototype if it was deformed due to compression during the transport.
2.Make some water on the sucker, its suction will be better.

Team Sport - 3D Photocatalyst Mesh Car Window Screen Sunshade

1 * Rear Visor 
4 * Side Visor of Car Window 
12 * Suction Cup 


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