5 Biggest Makeup Trends that Ruled in 2021

5 Biggest Makeup Trends that Ruled in 2021

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As we know, makeup is an art, and every woman wants to master this art. 2021 is about to end, and we saw some of the biggest makeup trends that we all loved this year. From winged eyeliner, glossy lips to metallic mirror nail polish, there are several trends that we simply could not resist. So let's have a look at the popular makeup sensations of 2021.

3D Magnetic Lashes

The trend of false eyelashes became even bigger this year. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with long, beautiful, and curled eyelashes. Thus, many women apply fake eyelashes to add dramatic change to their eye makeup. Though a variety of eyelashes are available in the market, what seized the most of the attention in 2021 were 3D magnetic lashes. These eyelashes adhere to your lash line with tiny and virtually invisible magnets on the lashes.

Besides enhancing the beauty of your eyes, these lashes are easy to apply and reusable. Probably, these are the qualities that added to the popularity of these next-level fake lashes.

Fierce Eyeliner

Talking about eyeliners, a super dramatic cat flick or winged eyeliner became the talk of the town. We couldn't resist including this one in our list of best makeup trends in 2021. This eye makeup look seems like it is going to stay for a very long time. It adds fierceness to your personality, and you can carry it off with any look. Apart from this, the white liner also makes one of our top choices for this year. You can try these eyeliner looks and let your eye do the talking.

Hit Nail Trends

Usually, hair and face makeup take center stage when we talk about makeup. But we can't overlook nails that contribute to your glamorous look. Gone are the days when simple nail polish was enough to do the trick and complete your look. In 2021, we saw a few hit nail trends like applying UV glitter gel nail polish. However, what caught our attention was the massive popularity of metallic mirror nail polish. Undoubtedly, the eye-catching metallic mirror nail paint ruled the makeup industry this year and impressed everyone.

Glossy Lips

The next favorite makeup trend of 2021 is glossy lips. Many women today prefer cherry bomb lips. The dramatic red lip look is totally in the trend. An intense red lipstick can add glamour to your look. It suits both lighter skin tones as well as the deeper ones. When in doubt, it is the best option that will definitely fetch you compliments. So, if you have any special occasions or big events to attend, we recommend red lips if you want to turn all heads towards you.

No-Makeup Look

In 2021, we saw many female celebrities and influencers donning the no-makeup makeup look. We can't deny that a natural or minimal makeup look is the best one. It shows that people are now accepting themselves the way they are, including all their flaws. They are now keeping everything minimalistic or low-key to reveal the real side of their personality. You can also embrace this minimal makeup regime or natural makeup look with confidence and attract everyone with your real self.


These are the 5 best makeup trends that created a buzz in 2021. So, which one of these trends are you planning to include in your makeup routine? Besides, there are several online stores like KXpertise where you can easily get your makeup essentials to create these popular makeup looks.

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